Blossom ABODE

Project - Residential
Area - 4550 Sq.ft
Location - Surat
Completion Year - 2022

The apartment Elysium Avenue is located in one of the most burgeoning areas of Surat. The client's brief was to create an elegantly styled apartment design for the family. Optimally using the carpet area of 4550 Sq. Ft The team has designed a sublime living experience.
Stepping into the apartment, one notices a soft blend of veneer with flexible profile lights in the foyer area along with a dramatic console. The living room wreathes a dual colour tone between veneer panelling and muted wall texture. The plain white ceiling is reserved with a sense of visual continuity which ties the whole space together. And also the living room is highlighted by a large artificial plant which is an absolute delight to eyes.
The apartment has an open kitchen which extends into the dining. The partition between the dining and the kitchen creates spatial division and provides reasonable privacy and sound insulation. The apartment has a huge balcony that has a stone wall accompanied with greenery and buddha sculpture. Design and execution of the balcony and its element and making sure it is in sync with the rest of the interiors.
The residence accommodates 5 bedrooms including one family seating room. Refined and muted, the palette for the master bedroom is deceptively neutral but enhanced with tonal highlights and contrasting texture. The dressing along with the washroom includes laminated wardrobes as well as glass shutters wardrobe.
The theme for daughter's bedroom revolves around minimal and calming muted hues. The curved fluted bed back panel and texture wall enhances the beauty of the space.
A blissful mood slowly dissolves in a serene palette of grey and textured veneer in the son's bedroom.
The guest bedroom stands out for its mustard bed and the wall art piece adds extra drama into the place mounted over the console wall in the room. The simple fluted panels balance the overall bedroom.
As we enter the family seating area the world falls away and time stands out still with teal seating and simple yet elegant taupe walls which create an exciting yet calming experience.